Friday, November 21, 2008

Snuggled up here at home with Maggie and the cats, while Marty is out serving the decorating whims of the local priest (dubbed "The Pope" by his parishioners). Marty has been painting, wallpapering, buffing, etc. at the rectory for months on end now. The man cannot make up his mind about anything and keeps adding on to the job. I learned last night that last week Marty actually painted his claw foot tub gold. Who needs a golden tub, I ask...unless you are the pope...or a whore...or the pope's whore...?(I'm referring to the Popes of old now.) The man is so lazy he actually asked Marty to send him up a fork on his chair lift. And I heard that he heats up spaghetti on his George Foreman grill. Poor Marty.
Maggie's birthday was great. But she's been kind of a bee-yotch ever since... She was pitching a fit about some dumb thing the other day and I said "You poor little girl---it must be hard being eight." And she shrieked out "It was hard being seven too!!!!!!!!" LOL. I'm so looking forward to the PMS years---not.
The weather can't make up it's mind today---sunny, then overcast with snow showers. But damn cold and going down into the teens tonight and tomorrow night. I try to get out and feed the birds first thing every morning---I figure they need all of the resources they can get to withstand the cold. One of our favorite things to do is to look out the bedroom window and see 5 or 6 bright red cardinals sitting all plumped up in the quince bush. It's hard to stay glum with that view.
Nothing else comes to mind, so I'll sign off now. Stay warm!
Almost know when you start getting old and weird things just start happening like strange hairs popping up and your body falling apart?...Well, we're playing Uno last night and I'm trying to shuffle the whole deck at once when suddenly I sustain a shuffle-ending middle finger knuckle sprain. I literally could not shuffle and had to pass the deck over to Marty. How pathetic is that?


Bridgett said...

A knuckle injury, eh? Well, my kids always want 'boo boo' kisses for I'm sending you one too.



And as for the spaghetti on a George Foreman grill...huh? How is that even possible? LOL This priest sounds like a character.

Poor Marty is right. :)

Stay warm!!!

Remo said...

As long as the Pope don't bounce the check, right? Does this make Marty the Pope's Pimp??

Welcome to middle-age, Kiddo. When you make more noise getting out of the chair than you do during sex, you KNOW you're getting old.

So I hear. Stay warm!!

Tracie said...

Happy belated birthday to Maggie!

I knew I had hit middle age when I had to wax my upper lip more than I had to shave my


AlbGlinka said...


Took me a while to figure out which blog you were posting on.

Great to hear from you, I missed you!


Lisa :-] said...

Yep...there are many creative ways to hurt yourself when you're old. Gotta hang up the Uno cards now, I guess.

Oooohhh....a bush full of cardinals. I would give a lot to see that... :)

Paul said...

Hi Amy,

Great to see you turn up. I'm glad you made it West Virginia--I knew that was your goal. And you still have Remo, Lisa, and Albert in tow from the old days.


sunflowerkat321 said...

AMY!!! I just realized you were among my followers today. I know I should have been aware of this blog but somehow I wasn't....not completely anyway.

Maggie is EIGHT! No WAY.

I am definitely going to have to spend some time here catching up on the three of you. Hugs and love to you, Marty and Pie.


Ann said...

Coming by to wish you and yours a merry Christmas. Hope all is well. :)

IndigoSunMoon said...

Oh Amy...I finally found you only to see you haven't updated since November. I'm so worried about you my dear friend. I hope with all my heart that you and yours are doing ok. Please email me when you read this and let me know ok?
Love you,

Remo said...

Hey Liberal-Monkey!!

Just checking in to say hello.