Monday, February 11, 2008

Early in the morning, cold as all get out here---was about 5 degrees when I looked at the thermometer a bit ago. I am so ready for Spring, but I hate to wish any of my time away, so I am struggling to enjoy the moment, even though I can hardly wait for things to start popping up out of the ground. I know Maggie would like to get in a few more snowfalls. She was sorely disappointed with the amount of snow last winter, and we seem to have hit the jackpot here, weather-wise. Enough snow to make her happy, a good thunderstorm at least every week in the summer---fun now that we have a new roof on the house, not so fun when I used up my army of pans and buckets trying to keep the back half of the house reasonably dry:)

Marty's job is to re-hab the house, as I am not at all handy. But the yard, I can handle . I've spent the winter looking through gardening books, and staring at the yard through the windows, noting what needs to be moved and what I want to add. When we moved down here, we moved as many of our plants as we could and basically just chucked them in the ground wherever until we figured out where they should ultimately go. We made a few adjustments last year---the azaleas moved closer to the woods, a couple of rosebushes by the fence... But I've got more plans:) This is the first yard we've ever had that has sunlight, so that's a novelty for us and opens up all sorts of gardening doors. By the time we're old, we should have a really nice place---LOL.

Marty headed off to Pittsburgh before dawn, until Wednesday or Thursday... I don't know what Pie and I will do...Have "girl time" and maybe work on some Valentine surprises. I'm at a complete loss of what to give the man. At this point I'm thinking of tying big bows around us and saying "here's your gift!". But I'm having second thoughts now that I recollect that I live close enough to my parents to actually be returned ;) Which reminds me of something my sister told me my dad said. He informed her one day that if she ever gets remarried, not to even tell him, because he gave her away once and she came back---LOL. He told me once last year that he "had to go out of state to get married, to put some branches on the family tree"---LOLOLOL. I guess I did the same thing:) After having a look at some of the specimens of boyhood around here, we've pretty much concluded that Pie will have to do the same when she grows up. She's got it pretty well worked out. She's either going to live in a house that's already fixed-up (LOL) or she's going to live in this house with us. She will marry a painter who can work for Dada, and, while her career is uncertain, my job will be to look after the grandchildren. I hope she is not as prolific in real life as she is in play life. Some days, every time you turn around, she's got a baby up her shirt, sometimes "borning" up to 17 offspring in one day. It seems to happen when she goes "to the store"---she goes out slim and trim and comes back in labor. I wish I knew which store it was, so I could advise folks to stay away from it.

Actually, she has no idea yet where babies come from. I'm not sure at what age this comes up and I have no idea what I'll say when it does. When you think about it, it seems like such a crazy thing to explain. I'm not sure she'll believe me when the time comes. She might just put it in the same category as Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny---"yeah, my parents are making that shit up, now where do they REALLY come from?"

We had a wind advisory yesterday. I usually like nature in all its forms, but after a while the howl gets a bit unnerving to me. Maybe it's a reminder of what a harsh, inhospitable place the world can be. I loaded up the suet and seed feeders, figuring it was going to be a hard night for my feathered friends. I've got about 22 species coming to the feeders this winter, including one of my little favorites, the white-throated sparrow, a winter migrant. They have the sweetest little song, and when I'm sad about the catbirds and hummingbirds taking wing for warmer destinations, I know I can look forward to these little fellows. I've always lived more by nature's clock and calendar than by man's and now I guess I do so even more:) I consulted one of my many bird books yesterday, and concluded that I have seen 52 different species down here so far, and I'm sure there are more who will reveal themselves over time. More new discoveries to look forward to:)

I'm so pleased that Pie has turned into the reader that she is. She comes by it honestly. I've had my head in a book since I was four, and my mom is the ultimate book woman, reading all the time and running the local library book sale every Friday from 8:30-4:30. It's the best-run book sale I've ever seen, and she's like a bar tender, remembering what her "regulars" read, and setting things aside for them. The prices are dirt cheap too:) It's always a treat for us when we get to go. Pie heads for the kids books and keeps taking her haul up to the front desk. I find a lot of homeschooling stuff, some good novels and usually a stack of women's magazines for recipes and inspiration. Sometimes I feel like a throwback to the 1950's (hell, maybe even the 1850's), but what the hell. I'm mostly content (there's always room for some improvement somewhere, right?)

Guess I've rambled on enough for now. And not to get sappy on you all, but you have no idea how surprised I was to see how many of you still cared about us. Quite frankly, I had a Sally Field moment. I feel as though I have a new spring in my step the last couple of days, maybe because I have an outlet that is just for me where I can be "just me" and not Mama, wife, catmother, Crazy Bird Lady, etc. What the hell was I thinking, being away so long?


dbaumgartner said...

Yes it so good that you are back and just being you!

If you decide to put bows on you and Pie, I'm sure you won't be returned. :-)

I can't wait to see how your gardens will evolve once Spring has arrived


bridgetteleigh75 said...

It's been frigid here too.  And the wind!  Wow!  It scares Autumn to death.  She hides in the bathroom if it gets too gusty outside.  Either that, or if it's the middle of the night, she crawls into bed with us.  ::sigh::

I don't think Doug and I are getting each other anything for Valentine's Day either.  LOL  We're so romantic!  

I'm still giggling about Maggie and her babies.  My cousin, Ronni, is due to have twins in about 2 weeks...1 boy and 1 girl.  So now Autumn is walking around telling me she has babies in her belly, also a boy and girl.  :)


This Friday book fair sounds wonderful!  Wish I lived closer...I'd be there every week.  

And Amy...of course we missed you and are so glad you're back!  You are a big part of this community.  :)


screaminremo303 said...

"What the hell was I thinking, being away so long?"

I like that. I think I'll frame it as a Valentine's gift for someone I know.

You always were a Giver. LOL

riverdaughter196 said...

It's really great to have you back.  I've missed hearing about you and your family.  That book fair sounds wonderful.  I love to read.

sunflowerkat321 said...

It's terrific to have you back.  And you sound so contented and happy.  That's just wonderful.

ryanagi said...

17 babies...hee hee! That's too funny!

lifes2odd said...

Ramble away, I'm just so glad you're back!
Martha :-)

mlraminiak said...

Well, of course we're glad you're back.  Those of us who were dug up with the foundation of j-land feel a great attachment to one another.

I want to come to your house and look at the birds!!!

Lisa  :-]